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Family fun in Puerto Vallarta

What to do

What to do in Puerto Vallarta? The fabulous natural beauty climay of this tourist destination encourages all kinds of eco-adventures.

The mountain, the jungle, the rivers and the sea give us several extreme adventure activities such as: zip line canopy, kayak fishing, bird watching, kite surfing, hang-gliding, whale watching; among other.

Some people want a unique experience in life like swimming with dolphins, zip lines, snorkeling or fishing a marlin and it becomes one of the most memorable life experiences.

All our visitors want to continue practicing their favorite sports and in Vallarta, there is no need for golf courses ideal for you or surfing beaches. We also have mountain bike adventures, sport fishing and diving that have practicing fans who can enjoy their favorite sports in this Puerto de Vallarta.

There are those who return to this tourist destination and recommend others who do not miss a horse ride, swim with dolphins, visit the zoo, botanical gardens and take any of the tours such as Rhythms of the Night or Pirates.

Come and discover the adventures in Puerto Vallarta!