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Puerto Vallarta, ready to receive the turtles

This natural spectacle attracts the attention of families, especially the smallest of the house that are filled with emotion to see them

Puerto Vallarta, ready to receive the turtles

In 14 kilometers of coastline, Puerto Vallarta brings together adults and children who, with environmental or recreational reasons, participate in the annual time of sea turtle release; These species reach the coast to lay their eggs in nests that dig up to 40 centimeters deep.

According to Vicente Peña, in charge of the Red Tortuguera operative “it is a very nice show. Above all, children are very interested in the process of this reptile as a land animal adapted for life in the sea that goes out to spawn in the warm season, in a process that is quite interesting and very striking ”.

Speaking to Publimetro, he said that the expectation for this year is to release 350,000 young turtles, two thousand black turtles, between 300 and 700 hawksbill turtles and 70 young leatherback turtles.

He emphasized that those who want to enjoy this natural spectacle must be in Puerto Vallarta in the months of September and October, which is the highest peak of birth. He also mentioned that this public event does not require a specific amount of contribution but rather a voluntary donation according to the economic possibilities.


With this action Puerto Vallarta has managed to position itself as one of the most important coasts in the world for the preservation and conservation of this important species.

In this part of the Mexican Pacific, four of the eight species of sea turtles are registered worldwide: black, hawksbill, lute and golf, the latter is the most popular, however, in 2018 there was a great find in the Destination, a new species of turtle was discovered, unique in the world and that exists only in Puerto Vallarta, so they registered it as Casquito de Vallarta.

Some hotels in the area such as the Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa, Barceló Puerto Vallarta and Velas Vallarta, offer visitors to be part of the experience, however, because the hatching of eggs occurs randomly there can be no release programming, so it is recommended to follow the social networks of the places or follow up the Tortuguero Camp Boca de Tomates or the AC Conservation of wonderful species of Banderas Bay, which constantly publishes calls.

It is currently the only city to have a sea turtle protection plan which has led to making Puerto Vallarta the best place in the country to see them in their habitat, the result of years of conservation effort and that, even, The Annual Congress of the Tortugueros de las Californias Group will be held in February 2020. Dare to live this experience.

Of the eight species of sea turtles that are registered worldwide reach the Mexican Pacific: black, hawksbill, lute and golfina.