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Day of the Dead in Puerto Vallarta

Music, food and dance await you to take a little of Mexico in your heart.

Day of the Dead in Puerto Vallarta

One of the most anticipated dates for national and foreign tourists is about to arrive that celebrates one of the most representative traditions for Mexicans and for which Mexico is known throughout the world, it is about honoring our deceased and celebrating their passing through life: Day of the Dead.

In Puerto Vallarta, you can celebrate this party. The colors of marigolds and papel picado, the smell of incense, as well as the sweetness of the sugar and amaranth skulls take over the streets of the city center so that you can be part of this celebration.

Where to join the party?

Walk the boardwalk

For some years now, a collective exhibition of monumental catrinas with different designs invades this famous recreational place for residents, national and foreign tourists to admire. It's a great place to take pictures!

 Visit the Municipal Presidency

The corridors of the Municipal Presidency, located right next to the Plaza de Armas, in the Downtown area of ​​the city; it fills with color, because it is precisely there where the most visited altars of the dead in Puerto Vallarta are installed. Many people flock to admire them, take pictures and join in the celebration.


As expected, the city's pantheons are one of the main places where the Day of the Dead is celebrated, as the relatives and friends of the deceased gather to honor their loved ones. This day the tombs are decked out with fresh flowers and candles that illuminate the night. It is an experience that you must live.

Check the schedule

Every year there is a festival alluding to the Day of the Dead, in it they are offered from tours of the municipal pantheons to dance presentations with the theme by different dance and theater companies. Most of these presentations are free, so you can bring the whole family and enjoy the Day of the Dead together in Puerto Vallarta.

And now that you know where to celebrate life and death in Puerto Vallarta, it's time to pack your bags and start a trip full of memories that you will never forget. Music, food and dance await you to take a little of Mexico in your heart.

Photo: atozviews.com